Tradin Organic Agriculture BV

Tradin Organic Agriculture BV

Adres: Stationsplein 61
Postcode: 1012 AB
Plaats: Amsterdam
Provincie: Noord-Holland
Land: Nederland
Telefoon: +31204074499


Tradin Organic is the global front runner in organic food ingredients, with over 700 employees and 13
offices worldwide. They offer a full-service portfolio, including unique sourcing, sustainability
initiatives, own sourcing projects, distribution and processing capabilities.
Tradin sources premium, organic certified raw materials and ingredients for the international food
industry, carrying more than 150 products from over 60 origins. Some of their product groups entail,
cocoa products, oils & fats, nuts and grains, dried fruits, IQF fruits, vegetables and more.
As an international player with a local presence in their markets, they can guide their clients through
their journey of certification and offer tailor-made solutions to suit individual requirements.
Tradin Organic employs an extensive international team of locally stationed field scouts who work
directly with farmers and processors to guarantee organic and ethical integrity, full transparency, and
a secure supply of a wide range of organic ingredients. It’s a simple one-stop shop for many customers.
With their highly skilled teams and range of certifications, Tradin Organic is continuously working to
monitor the organic integrity of its entire product range throughout the whole supply chain process.
Additionally, they strive to ensure the highest food safety standards for all customers. In this way,
quality is guaranteed from origin to processing and end consumer.
Tradin Organic approaches smallholder companies in countries of origin and establishes future-proof
partnerships and products, allowing the supplier to elevate their existing products, receive 100%
organic certification, and improve their livelihoods.
This extensive network of carefully screened, long-term independent suppliers also ensures the
steady supply of only the best quality products. Tradin oversee all aspects of transportation and
storage, from goods in control to preserving organic integrity.

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